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300 FANS, YEAH BOI!!!!

2016-07-12 20:48:44 by MackleNG

Hot damn it was just 4 months ago when i was making a post about hitting 200 fans, now ive hit 300 fans and hot damn am i a happy duck, its been almost 3 years since i made this account, and its been a pretty cool experience, and its great to know that over the years, 300 of you like me enough to follow me :) seriously it feels great so thank you for that.

Since i'm making a post i might as well talk about what ive been up to or will be doing in the future, ok well i finally uploaded an animation for the first time in so long, it was for the animation jam, robotjam as they call it, its called 'CherryBot Hands Out Flyers', meh its ok i guess, i'll post a link down below


Ive also been slowly working on a small little project thats still in the storybording phase, butttt ive animated a few certain scenes, i'll post some storyboards, thumbnail sketches and gifs below.



ok i guess thats all, ive said this before but thanks for 300 fans guys, newgrounds is a great site with a great community and i plan to keep on submitting content here ;) yo the best newgrounds


looks like its picoday this year and i'll be there this year.....just kidding i'm not going, unfortunately picoday is on around about the time exams start for me this year, oh and i'm broke so i guess i won't make this year, maybe next year eh ? if i get off my ass get a job and make money so i can get a plane ticket HELL YEAH, well have fun at picodays guys, a lot of the other New Wave members are going this year like Ryan Storm, Fantishow, Mobile spider, lots of cool people who you should follow and harrass at picoday, like, full on stalk.........take pictures

annnyway if anyone is interested i'm still alive and making content that i hate but other people seem to like it so thats cool, the series ive been working on is still stuck in development, it probably won't come out for years but whatever, it'll come when its done, oh and i was making art for a game, but that went down the shitter, so i'm just working on small animation projects and art commissions atm, yeah anyway woopie fucking doo someone give me a fucking rope so i can kill myself, and have a great picoday guys, i hope its just as successful as last years and heres to another great anniversary *raises invisible glass of beer


CHOW -MackleNG


2016-03-03 11:47:05 by MackleNG

I created my account 2 years ago, and i recently just hit 200 newgrounds fans, this is so cool, thank you to everyone who is following me, you guys are the greatest. It took a year and a half to hit 100 fans, and i got another 100 in such a shorter time, i must be doing something right, ive really improved over the years, and seeing that so many people like my content enough to follow me, makes me feel great. I've got a lot of ambitious projects in the works, like my series for example, and I can't wait to show you all, but it'll have to wait for now, due to other projetcs, but anyway, thank you all so much, this is greatly appreciated ;)


Hi, just to let ya know that ive recently opened up for art commissions, here you'll find all the information, if you find something confusing, ask me and we'll sort it out, hit me up on newgrounds, twitter or my tumbrl if you are interested





Have a good one ;)


Howdy my fellow sucubus's of the damned, its me, the guy with the hat who's name you could never pronounce right, until I changed it from Mackle-Mouix to just Mackle, but anyway hows everyones christmas been eh ? you all been good boys and girls ? but anyway, 2016 is almost round the corner and Ive got 2 big projects that i'm gonna be working on all year that are pretty ambitious in my opinion.

1. I'm working on an indie game

Ive teamed up with a programmer by the name of Pezomi (the developer of the game shoppy mart steam edtion) to make th art for his next game, i started working on this game in may, however I am not satisfied with my progress, so I am re-making everything i have done so far, hopefully the game will be out bythe end of 2016, maybe longer, who knows, but anyway enjoy a gif of the game without my art tee hee












2. I'm making my own animated series

For the past 8 months, i have been slowly developing characters, a plot, themes, etc for my upcoming animated series, i'm close to fully developing it all, just got a few things to perfect, i'm not going to spoil anything about it, but the series is basically a western with a diesel punk setting (at least thats what it was at first, its more of its own thing now) due to the detailed characters ive drawn so far, and my OCD about smooth lines suggests to me that this series could take all year to make, i'll be juggling these two big projects, don't expect much content coming anytime soon, except art and shit, anyway enjoy this character reference sheet of the main character of my series Bale Barletta 


anyway, thats all i have to say, hope you all enjoy the rest of your 2015, i hope to see you all fairly soon......i hope

;) bye bye



2015-09-28 12:13:43 by MackleNG

oh boy oh boy it looks like we're only 6 days away from Ryan Storms Anime Amiogs 3.33, Ive already seen it, and it is really good, In case any of you are wondering, I helped out with colouring and I did a bit of graphics design shit for the episode. The episode airs october 4th so make sure to write it on your callender cause its gonna take the world by storm....a RYAN STORM OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP

also, i hope you guys like this promotional poster I made for the new episode, this took longer than i expected (like at least 12 hours) I blame the eva, GOD DAMNIT EVA UNIT 1, anyway, in a bizzle.


aaaaayyyyy newgrounds.....'friends' IT'S YOUR BUDDY MACKLEMORE, WITH ALL MY BROTHERS OUT THERE


anyway just letting you know that the association i am a part of 'The Politicians' has had a channel re-design, i thought it would be good to update it as i feel ive improved a lot on graphics design since 5 months ago, anyway if anyone actually cares, you can look below and see for yourself




also some annoying news, a certain someone (who we have decided not to name) thought it would be ok to delete all the videos for his own selfish needs, so at the moment we have no content, 8 months worth of videos gone, we will try to salvage the good episodes, but all the live streams and lets plays are gone forever


Also we now have a teepublic account, we're selling t-shirts for $14 (which is hella cheap for a t-shirt apparently)

 at the moment we only have one shirt, but in the future we're going to have t-shirts with some of your favourite characters from the politicians (like the anime amigos for example) you can check out the link down below as well as our youtube account and twitter.


yt account:




anyway goodbye, i'm gonna go eat some food, maybe a pickle or a bowl of prawns,


cya soon ;)


100 FANS happy days

2015-08-08 07:04:09 by MackleNG

aaayyyy look at that i just reached 100 fans on newgrounds, 100 fans was my first goal (or whatever you call it)


i'm friends with a lot of people that can't get past the 10 fan mark, it feels really good that 100 people decided to follow me.

Hello anyone who cares, as some of you may know Ryan Storm and a few others (including me) have begun work on the 3rd episode of anime amigos episode 3. I have not done much for Ryan at the moment, I am still waiting to be assigned to coloring and cleanup as Ryan has enough people for animation. But I have currently made a large picture that will be featured in the episode, you can see the picture down below.


We may sell this as a poster after the episode is on newgrounds, it may happen, it may not who knows, I will keep whoever is interested updated on the progress of anime amigos, till next time, cya

How was PicoDay everyone ?

2015-04-28 15:34:04 by MackleNG

Howdie guys

I hope you all enjoyed PicoDay, damn I wish i could of been there as well, but not everyone gets invited, oh well. Anyway id love to hear about your experiences, I hear it was awesome and that Tom Fulp was the nicest guy in the whole world. I hope you all made new friends as well, its always good to meet other artists who are as dedicated to their work, I look forward to hearing back from you guys