Entry #23

300 FANS, YEAH BOI!!!!

2016-07-12 20:48:44 by MackleNG

Hot damn it was just 4 months ago when i was making a post about hitting 200 fans, now ive hit 300 fans and hot damn am i a happy duck, its been almost 3 years since i made this account, and its been a pretty cool experience, and its great to know that over the years, 300 of you like me enough to follow me :) seriously it feels great so thank you for that.

Since i'm making a post i might as well talk about what ive been up to or will be doing in the future, ok well i finally uploaded an animation for the first time in so long, it was for the animation jam, robotjam as they call it, its called 'CherryBot Hands Out Flyers', meh its ok i guess, i'll post a link down below



Ive also been slowly working on a small little project thats still in the storybording phase, butttt ive animated a few certain scenes, i'll post some storyboards, thumbnail sketches and gifs below.



ok i guess thats all, ive said this before but thanks for 300 fans guys, newgrounds is a great site with a great community and i plan to keep on submitting content here ;) yo the best newgrounds



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2016-07-12 23:36:43

Congrats on 300 fans dude!

MackleNG responds:

u r very sexy


2016-07-13 11:00:58

Congratulations, man! You've earned it.

MackleNG responds:

thanks man, id say more people deservej it more though ;)


2016-07-13 12:12:06

Congrats! That animation with the dude in the car is looking hot.

MackleNG responds:

holy shit its the fulp, thanks man it means a lot ;) yo the best


2016-07-13 17:59:54

Hot damn, congrats!


2016-07-13 19:30:04

cummgrads daddi


2016-07-14 02:25:01