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THANK YOU FOR 1K + upcoming projects

Posted by MackleNG - October 22nd, 2019

Its been a long time since I've made a news post, almost 4 years hot damn. Just wanted to say thanks for 1k followers, my last post I was nowhere near that number so theres a lot more of you checking out my work now which i am grateful for, thanks for liking what you see enough to follow me.

Ive been on this site for 5 years now, when i was 15, i'm 20 now, crazy how time flies by and how much you change, looking back at my oldest posts i cant help but internally cringe haha, but im sure thats natural.

In other news, the webcomic I have been working on for the past 4 years is close to making its debut, the comic has developed a lot since i began work on it back in 2016, gone through tons of changes and years of work scrapped/reworked, for the last year or two I worked out what comic i wanted to create, and have been slowly working on it, but now i am extremely close to release, the first 10 pages I'll post are ready, i just need to perfect the layout of everything and hopefully make more promotional art/ maybe get other artist to make variant covers. I'll post some sneak peak images below.

This is my upcoming scifi cyberpunk comic 'CHOKEPOINT'




ok thts all haha, since ive been working on this for so long, and have been talking about it for so long, just wanted to make an F.Y.I that the first 10 pages wont explain the story at all, it'll make no sense but i hope you like the art enough to stick around for more updates in the future.

Anyway, thanks for 1k followers guys and i hope to introduce you to the world of Chokepoint soon.



Comments (7)

Looks Impressive Already Man, and the Dedication You've Put Into It Sounds Even More So. Haven't Been a Fan Long, but I'm Already Excited To See What You Can Pull Off. Godspeed Dude

congrats on 1K
the comic looks awesome
i feel a mix of evangelion and blame!
i know someone who also wants to make a comic but is not sure to show it to other people
how did you overcame this?
again for what i have seen looks like a pro manga

Yeah you are bang on with the feel, eva and blame are huge influences, i dont think you ever really overcome the feeling of showing people something you put a lot of time in, its always a weird experience. But that feeling shouldn't stop ya, its better for something to be finished than perfect, and as its your baby, you see its imperfections more then others, you are your own worst critic.

It's been a long time. It's so nice to see you grow as a artist, I still Remember finding your work. First thing I ever saw was that e4 video animation of that pink hair guy.

You've greatly massively improved your art skills over time. Wow it's so beautiful. Anatomy is so good, such a jump. and colors are very formed in a style

You well deserve that following and I look forward seeing more of your work.

thanks man, ha its been a while since that animation, time flies, cheers mate

Very well drawn! Congrats!

Feels like it was just yesterday I commented on some of your stuff hmm... but that was the art I guess. Cover looks promising, and the panels below it: so much detail, damn! Impressive. Feels like some Berserk-level stuff... can't wait to read.

thanks man, being compared to beserk is a big compliment thanks, i'm trying to make this look as pro as possible so cheers

It's definitely working. :)

looks stunning, reminds me of BLAME! where can we read the chapters?